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CBSE Examinations 2022: Practical examinations to start from 2nd of March, 2022

CBSE has released a complete guidelines regarding the conduction of the final examinations. The final routine for the second term is yet to be declared.

CBSE Examinations 2022: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced new dates regarding the practical examinations, projects, and internal assessments of classes ten and twelve. The practical examinations would kick off from the 2nd of March, 2022. The last date to conduct the practical examination would be the date 10 days before the start of the final offline examinations(CBSE Examinations 2022). The guidelines were released on the 24th of February 2022 through the official CBSE website. The complete date sheet for term 2 examinations shall be released shortly on the official website –

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CBSE Examinations 2022 : Guidelines for the examinations.

Listed below are the detailed guidelines provided by CBSE for both classes ten as well as twelve.

  1. General – The Practical examination/ Project/ Internal assessment under CBSE Examinations 2022 shall be conducted strictly in accordance with the guidelines provided in the web link. The bifurcation of term-1 and term-2 shall be kept in mind while making preparations and planning for practicals. Schools can also refer to section XVIII of framework and significant available on web link for more detailed information.
  2. Dates for Conduct The Practical examination/Project/Internal assessment of the CBSE Examinations 2022 shall be conducted from 02/03/2022 I.e., Wednesday and last date would be ten days before the date of last examination of respective classes. The board shall not consider any extension of dates.
  3. Dates for uploading marks – The marks of Practical examination/ Project/ Internal assessment shall be uploaded simultaneously from 02/03/2022 and the uploading of marks shall be completed by last date of respective class. The board shall not consider any extension of dates.
  4. Ensuring error free uploading – While uploading the marks, school along with the Internal examiner and External examiner shall ensure that correct marks are uploaded as there will be no corrections allowed once the marks are uploaded. On the process of uploading the marks, schools and exminers should keep in mind that maximum marks are allotted for practical examination/ Project/ Internal assessment for term-2 as per the guidelines issued by CBSE.
  5. Covid protocols – The schools conducting Practical examination/ Project/Internal assessment shall ensure that all the instructions of the Central or State governments, local bodies and other statutory organizations related to the spread of Covid19 Pandemic are observed to the full extent. To avoid crowding and maintain social distancing, schools can split students into groups of ten, for example, one group can attend the labworks while the other can perform the paperwork.
  6. Regular students – The Practical examination/ Project/Internal assessment shall be conducted by the schools for the regular students only as per the curriculum of the subject concerned.
  7. Appointment of External Examiner – No External examiner will be appointed by the board for class ten students.
  8. Private students – There will be no separate Practical examination/ Project/Internal assessment for private candidates. The marks prescribed for Practical examination/Project/ Internal assessment will be computed on pro-rata basis based on the marks obtained in the theory of CBSE Examinations 2022, conducted by the board, if not carried forward as per the rules of the board. In this regard, no action is desired from the schools.
  9. Regular students – For the regular students sponsored through L.O.C. of class twelve based on the eligibility or bonafide status of the student, Practical examination/Project/Internal assessment shall be conducted in the school.
  10. Private students – There will be no separate Practical examination /Project/Internal assessment in respect of private candidates.
    1. Carrying over of marks in respect of private candidates – The Practical marks of private candidates (appearing in 2021-2022) who appeared as regular candidates in the session 2020-2021, whose marks are available in the result data of last year will be carried over in the Boards Examination for the session 2021-2022. These candidates will not be required to appear in the Practical examinations. Only in case of the candidates who have failed last year (2020-2021) in practicals will be required to appear in the session 2021-2022.
    2. Marks in Pro-rata basis in respect of private candidates – In respect of candidates prior to session 2020-2021, i.e., 2019-2020 and before marks prescribed for Practical examination/ Project/Internal assessment shall be computed on pro-rata basis based on the marks obtained in the theory examination.
  11. Appointment of External Examiner by the board – The board will appoint External examiner in each school for conducting Practical examination/ Project/ Internal assessment as per the modalities and subjects given in Annexure-IV. The school authorities are not authorized to make any alternate arrangements for conducting Practical examination/ Project/ Internal assessment at local level. Practical of the CBSE Examinations 2022 can only be conducted by the examiner appointed by the board. All matters of delay in conducting Practical examination due to non-availibility, non- reporting, refusal shall be reported to Regional office concerned immediately for further necessary directions from the Regional Office for appointment of new examiner.
  12. Appointment of Observers by the board – The board may appoint Observers inthe examination to oversee the conduct of the Practical examinations and Project assessments and ensure fair conduct of Practical examination and Project assessment. The schools shall get in touch with the Regional Office to obtain the list of Observers.
  13. Ensure the presence or availability of External Examiner – The schools shall ensure the presence or availability of the External examiner and Observers on all days of conduct of Practical examinations/ Project assessments strictly as per the provision of appointment of External Examiner by the board.
  14. Appointment of Internal Examiner – There will be an External examiners as well as Internal examiner as per the policy of Practical examination/Poject assessment. The school shall appoint an external examiner of adequate experience and expertise in all subjects. An order shall be issued by the school principal for appointment of Internal Examiner with complete details of examiner and his duties and responsibilities.
  15. Inspection of laboratory and equipment by the External Examiner – Principal or head of the school is required to get laboratory ready for practical examination. The External examiner shall visit the laboratory of the School at least one day prior to the day of conduct of examination to ensure the availability of proper equipments and arrangements. In case of any shortcoming, the same should be bring in concern of the principal who shall be responsible for the arrangements.
  16. Conduct of examination/assessment in sessions – To ensure fair assessment, Practical examination/ Project assessment should be conducted invariably in two or three sessions in a day if the number of candidates are more than twenty. In case of Fine Arts, sessions would be conducted invariably in two sessions.
  17. Uploading of photographs through App-link – The schools are required to upload photos of conduct of Practical examination. For this purpose, an App-link will be provided to schools for uploading one group photo of each batch while conducting the examination. The photo should include clear faces of all the candidates,Internal examiner , External examiner and Observers in the laboratory. The software will ensure that the photos are geotagged and time tagged. Other informations such as batch number, total batches, etc should be uploaded in the App-link.
  18. Attendance sheet – The attendance sheet of the students appearing the practical examination must be carefully filled in the proforma which will be provided in each school by the concerned Regional Office.
  19. Other material – The format of the following documents will be provided in the link of school login for download and handing over to the concerned External examiner on her/his arrival.
    1. Manual award list for use of any left out subject examination.
    2. sample envelope for sending Award List by External examiner.
  20. New answer book for practical – It shall be ensured that the practical answer book supplied by the Regional Office is used in practical examination. It must be ensured that the examiner completes all entries in practical answer books carefully and correctly.

Apart from conducting the Practical examination/ Project/ Internal assessment of the students of the school, the principal shall also ensure relieving of Post Graduate Teachers (PGTs) deputed by the board for the conduct of Practical examination and Project assessment in other schools to ensure that the whole process of Practical examination is completed within the stipulated time. Not relieving of the teachers appointed as examiners will be viewed seriously and shall attract invocation of penalty provisions against the erring schools as per the Affiliation and Examination Bye-laws.

It is advised to the schools by CBSE to adhere to the schedule and upload the marks correctly as there will be no chance to further change them. And the Practical examination must be conducted by the appointed External examiner by the CBSE. In case the instructions of the board are violated in any direction by the schools, the board reserve its right to cancel the Practical examinations.

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