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Gauhati University Final Marks calculation: Know the accurate method here

Gauhati University Final Marks Calculation: Gauhati University has released a circular on 3rd March 2022 regarding the Calculation of the Percentage of Marks. The Circular states the procedure of the Gauhati University Final Marks calculation of the Three Year Degree Courses (T.D.C). The students usually believe the marks are generated from the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), where the final percentage is said to be 10 times the CGPA. But this is not so. The final percentage is calculated by considering the overall obtained marks with the total marks.

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Gauhati University Final Marks calculation: Steps to be followed

In the final procedure of converting the percentage of marks from the Grade Sheet, the following steps are to be followed:

  1. The Total Marks(TM) of each paper in every Semester is to be added together to obtain the Grand Total Marks. Grand Total Marks =Total marks in all semester.
  2. The Marks Obtained (MO) by the student every Semester are to be added together to obtain the Total Marks Obtained by the student. Total Marks Obtained = Sum of the marks obtained in each semester.
  3. The Grand Total Marks is to be divided from the Total Marks obtained and multiplied by a hundred to get the Percentage obtained by the student.
  4. Percentage = Total Marks Obtained/Grand Total Marks x 100

Important points

The notice clearly clarifies two points:

  1. There is no other conversion formula provided by Gauhati University where the marks were exposed in the Grade-Sheet.
  2. There is no Conversion of CGPA to % formula for TDC Courses provided by Gauhati University.

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