SEBA cancelled affiliation of over 100 schools in Assam; check the list of schools now

SEBA released a notification recently disaffiliating 105 schools in Assam, check this article for complete information.

Disaffiliation of Schools in Assam: Due to their poor performance in the HSLC and AHM examinations in 2022, the Board of Secondary Education (SEBA) in Assam has decided to revoke the affiliation of 105 private/ venture schools. As a result, starting on April 1, 2023, these schools won’t be able to enroll any Class IX students.

SEBA made this choice to guarantee that the educational standards in these institutions are upheld and that the students get the best education possible. After reviewing the HSLC/ AHM exam results in 2022, it was discovered that 294 private/ venture schools in Assam had performed poorly with a pass percentage ranging from 0-10. Out of these schools, 41 had consistently displayed low performance for the previous five years.

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The SEBA sent show cause notices to all 294 schools, inquiring why their affiliation with SEBA should not be cancelled. However, 107 private/ venture schools did not respond to the notice. For the 187 schools that responded, their responses were scrutinized, and they agreed to improve their HSLC exam results in 2023. As a result, these schools were given another chance.

Similarly, based on physical verification reports submitted by DPOS of concerned districts, Mornal Sah Bagisha High school, Kokrajhar & Sri Sri Ramananda Dev Girl’s High School, Nagaon was given another chance.

However, for the remaining 105 schools that did not respond to the show cause notices, it is assumed that the school authorities have no interest in improving their results, which affects the overall pass percentage of the state and concerned district negatively.

Consequently, SEBA has decided to withdraw its affiliation with these 105 private/ venture schools from March 31, 2023. As a result, these schools in Assam will not be able to register any class IX students from April 1, 2023.

District-wise list of Disaffiliated Schools in Assam


  • Gerua High School
  • Purbanchal High School
  • Bengenahati High School


  • Anath Mission Girls’ High School
  • Dangar Kuchi High School


  • Lakhinath Bezbaruah Girls’ High School
  • Chatrang Baluan Bodo High School
  • Mahatma Gandhi Rastrabhasa High School


  • Alokihari High School
  • Hapachara High School
  • Rajendra Vidyapith High School
  • Dr. CM Das Memorial High School
  • Ambikagiri Roy Choudhury High School


  • Dewan Group High School
  • Doloo Bagan Private High School
  • JRD Public High School


  • Namchai High School


  • Kakaragaon High School


  • Sasar Gaon High School
  • Chilaray High School
  • Deshbandhu Smriti Girls H.E. Vidyapith
  • Janata High School


  • Chachani Merbil High School
  • Konwari Gaon Jamuguri High School
  • Sagar Smriti Bidya Mandir HE School
  • Shalmari Girls High School
  • Borbari (AMC) High School
  • Garudha High School
  • Peace Cottage HE School

Dima Hasao

  • Borowapu High School
  • Vongzawl High School
  • Laijav High School
  • Veer Dimalik Memorial High School


  • Dalgoma H. E. School
  • Banabasi High School


  • Gondhakoroi High School
  • Bokolai High School
  • Rajabari Létekujan High School
  • Dakhin Gurjogonia High School
  • Rahdhola High School
  • Balya Bikash High School


  • Nirod Behari Paul High School


  • Jamunamukh Girls’ High School
  • Bir Tikendrajit High School


  • Cheniamguri Girls’ High School
  • Hatigarh Bagan High School
  • Rampur Adarsha Mising Janajati High School
  • Jadavpur Tea Garden High School
  • Bahoni High School

Kamrup Metro

  • ASB Balika Bidyalaya
  • Digaru Girls’ High School
  • Tapoban High School
  • Vidyasagar Adarsha Vidyalaya
  • Rabindra Vidyapith Night High School
  • Adinggiri High School

Kamrup Rural

  • Satpara High School
  • Swahid Kanaklata Balika Viydapith
  • Dr. B R Ambedkar High School, Baramboi
  • Athiaboi Banmaja M Girls’ High School

Karbi Anglong

  • Dhansiripar Koch Gaon High School
  • Virwar High School
  • Bordeka Langmili Eng High School


  • Vidyarthi Bhawan High School


  • Geolang High School, Kokrajhar
  • P C Brahma Memorial Girls’ High School
  • Sri Mat Swami Yogananda Giri High School
  • Jewary High School
  • Kauniabhasa High School
  • Chilarai High School
  • Jaregaon High School
  • Saraswati Hindi Uchha Vidyalaya


  • Uttar Nowboicha High School


  • Dakhin Phulani (Girls) High School
  • Upper Cherrepai High School


  • Priya Neog Vidyapith High School
  • Jamunapar High School, Bherbheri
  • T. M. K. High Madrassa
  • Nellie Girls High School


  • Morangial Ahammod Ali High Madrassa
  • Ramesh Phukan Memorial High School
  • Bechamari Girls High School
  • Pitpara Pukhuri Balika Vidyapith High School


  • Haladhar Saikia Memorial Collegiate High
  • School
  • Gadadhar Singha High School
  • Hazi Siddique All High School
  • Khogen Borbaruah High School


  • O P Kanoi High School
  • Rangapara Balika Vidyalaya
  • Panipoota High School
  • Unyanpeeth High School
  • Rownathpur High School


  • Da Pather High School
  • Balijan Borjan High School
  • Dr. Rajendra Prasad HE School
  • Sadiya Simanta Janajati High School
  • Shishu Vidya Mandir H E School
  • Doomdooma Adarsh Vidyapith
  • Na-Gaon Gakhirbheti High School
  • Nokhroy Kachssona High School
  • Rupaite High School, Doomdouma


  • Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Hindi High School
  • Orang Girls’ High School

West Karbianglong

  • Menmeji Eng High School
  • Chinthong High School
  • Durgapur Girls’ High School

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