Holiday List 2024: Complete List of Public Holidays by the Govt of Assam

Assam Govt. has released the official Holiday List 2024, know the dates of public holidays to be applicable in the year 2024.

Holiday List 2024: The General Administration Department (GAD) under the Government of Assam has recently published the official list of public holidays for 2024, following its annual tradition. According to the Holiday List 2024, all government institutions, offices, and Revenue and Magisterial Courts will remain closed on the designated holidays. Additionally, the list designates both Second Saturdays and Fourth Saturdays as holidays.

The notice explicitly specifies that the Holiday List 2024 will not automatically apply to Educational Institutions, as well as Medical and Engineering Colleges unless they choose to adopt it. Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of potentially reducing the number of holidays for these institutions, suggesting the adoption of academic calendars that curtail the number of holidays accordingly.

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Holiday List 2024

15th &16th January 2024Monday, TuesdayMagh Bihu & Tusu Puja
23rd January, 2024TuesdayGwthar Bathou San/ Netaji’s Birthday
26th January, 2024FridayRepublic Day
31st January, 2024WednesdayMe-Dam-Me-Phi
24th February, 2024SaturdayBir Chilarai Divas
25th March, 2024MondayDol Jatra
29th March, 2024FridayGood Friday
11th April, 2024ThursdayEid-Ul-Fitr
13th, 14th, and 15th April, 2024Saturday, Sunday & MondayBohag Bihu
20th April, 2024SaturdaySati Sadhini Divas
1st May 2024WednesdayMay Day
8th May, 2024WednesdayTithi of Damodar Deva
23rd May, 2024ThursdayBuddha Purnima
24th May, 2024FridayJanmotsav of Sri Sri Madhabdeva
17th June, 2024MondayEid-Ul-Zuha
15th August, 2024ThursdayIndependence Day
23rd August, 2024FridayTirubhav Tithi of Sri Sri Madhabdeva
26th August, 2024MondayJanmastomi
4th September, 2024WednesdayTirubhav Tithi of Srimanta Sankardeva
14th September, 2024SaturdayKaram Puja
2nd October, 2024WednesdayBirthday of Mahatma Gandhi
10th, 11th and 12th October, 2024Thursday, Friday & SaturdayDurga Puja
13th October, 2024SundayVijaya Dashomi/ Janmotsav of Sri Sri Sankardeva
17th October, 2024ThursdayKati Bihu
31st October, 2024ThursdayKali Puja & Diwali
3rd November, 2024SundayBhatri Dwitiya
7th November, 2024ThursdayChhat Puja
15th November, 2024FridayGuru Nanak’s Birthday
24th November, 2024SundayLachit Divas
2nd December, 2024MondayAsom Divas( Su-Ka-Pha Divas)
25th December, 2024WednesdayChristmas

Half Holidays

In the notification of Holiday List 2024, it is mentioned that there will be a few Half Holidays (at 1 P.M.) in the offices under the Government of Assam and all Revenue and Magisterial Courts in Assam on the following days during the year 2024:

17th July, 2024WednesdayMuharram
16th October, 2024WednesdayLakshmi Puja

Restricted Holidays

Along with the above-mentioned holidays, each employee may be allowed to avail 2 more holidays from the list given below:

1st January, 2024New year’s Day
14th January, 2024Uruka of Mag Bihu
17th January, 2024Silpi Divas
27th January, 2024Busu Dima Festival
14th February, 2024Ali Aye Ligang
20th February, 2024Karbi-Dehal-Kachir Dom
26th February, 2024Shab-E-Barat
8th March, 2024Sivaratri
18th March, 2024Khring Khring Baithow Puja
30th March, 2024Easter Saturday
7th April, 2024Lailatur Qadar
14th April, 2024Tithi of Gopal Dev
17th April, 2024Deuri Bihu
21st April, 2024Mahabir Jayanti
16th May, 2024Birthday of Sri Sri Krishnaguru
23rd May, 2024Baikhowa Festival
6th June, 2024Tithi of Hari Dev
20th June, 2024Death Anniversary of Bishnu Prasad Rabha
30th June, 2024Hul Divas
13th July, 2024Birthday of Nepali Poet Bhanu Bhakta Acharya
13th August, 2024Death Anniversary of Bir Tikendrajit
15th September, 2024Birthday of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra
16th September, 2024Fateha-e-Dwaz-Daham
1st November, 2024Kuki Chavang Kut
3rd November, 2024Abhibhav Tithi of Sri Sri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur
24th November, 2024Death Anniversary of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji
5th December, 2024Sikpui Ruoi (Harvest Festival of Hmar Community)
10th December, 2024Martyr’s Day
12th December, 2024Gaan Ngai
24th December, 2024Christmas Eve


Here are a few important points mentioned in the notification for Holiday List 2024:

  • There will be no Public Transactions in the Nationalized Banks on the 1st of April, 2024 as it is the day for the Annual Closing of Bank Accounts.
  • If any of the Holidays or Restricted Holidays for the festivals notified above do not fall on the day notified, necessary modifications will be made by changing the date in due course of time.
  • Also, the General Administration Department (GAD) can declare 2 (two) additional holidays with the approval of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam.

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