Ranoj Pegu announces Major update in Recruitment Process of Teachers in Assam; Know what he said

Ranoj Pegu has announced that the TET examinations will be the minimum eligibility criteria. A new recruitment process will be introduced, he said.

In a recent development aimed at reducing the burden of marks among candidates, Ranoj Pegu, the Education Minister of Assam, announced that BEd holders would be required to pass an additional recruitment test along with the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) examination. This will be the first time the Education Minister of the state has announced this statement. Earlier similar announcement was done by the Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, which was not clearly notified at that time.

The announcement came during an event at the Royal Global School, Guwahati. During the function of Residential Induction Training for the new Principals and Teachers of Adarsha Vidyalayas (AV) on July 20, 2023, Ranoj Pegu addressed the young educators and encouraged them to embrace the change. He emphasized that this step was crucial, especially with the introduction of the National Education Policy (NEP) in the country.

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Why is State Government trying to set a new recruitment process?

  • The new system is set to be implemented for both Higher Secondary and LP/ UP candidates. Until now, candidates were evaluated solely based on their marks in Higher Secondary (Only in LP and UP) Degree examinations, Graduation marks, Post-Graduation marks (Only for Higher Secondary recruitment) Marks obtained in TET and also in BED or DElEd examinations.
  • The final merit list was prepared on the basis of the marks obtained by the students. The Teacher’s Eligibility Criteria (TET) examinations will be considered for the minimum eligibility criteria.
  • However, the buzz regarding the unfair selection process was noticed when it was observed that some students had high marks in their BEd and DElEd (Diploma in Elementary Education) qualifications, which they had obtained from Open Universities or private institutions.
  • Many also secured very higher marks, especially those who cleared the examination (BEd/ DElEd) from outside the state. Few students also got higher CGPA in their graduation especially those who cleared their graduation from the private universities.
  • This led to questions regarding the fairness of the earlier recruitment process.

The new method of the recruitment process will eliminate the biases. The sole marks obtained in the new recruitment examination will be considered for the final selection.

The NEP aims to revamp the education system and bring about a holistic approach to learning. As part of this overarching vision, streamlining the recruitment process for teachers has become a necessary step. In this process, qualified and competent teachers must be selected and this step will allow to make it happen systematically.

A further announcement on the recruitment process, Ranoj Pegu reiterated the advertisement process in various Governmental posts. As stated earlier, there will be the continuation of the law which does not allow any candidates to be selected through the waiting list. There will be no waiting list for any governmental post.

Candidates will all be selected with respect to the seats available and if for any reason there will be a vacancy so the candidates will have to re-appear in the evaluating process. This announcement will create confusion among those candidates who had cleared the Grade-3 and Grade-4 examinations. As per the information, those candidates who were not selected for the posts will be considered for the next recruitment of Grade-3 and Grade-4

Many questions still lie unanswered!

Critics argue that introducing another recruitment test might further elongate the already lengthy process that candidates have to go through to secure a teaching job. With multiple stages involved, many aspiring teachers might find themselves facing an arduous journey to get a job.

Furthermore, the implementation of this new requirement raises questions about its practicality and fairness. It remains to be seen how the authorities will design the additional recruitment test and how it will complement the existing TET examination. Clarity on the criteria for evaluation and the role of each test in the selection process is essential to ensure transparency and accountability.

As the state of Assam moves forward with this new system, it is essential to keep the ultimate goal in mind: providing quality education to every child. The government must ensure that the implementation of the additional recruitment test aligns with the broader vision of the NEP and contributes positively to the overall educational landscape

In conclusion, Ranoj Pegu’s announcement of an additional recruitment test for BEd holders, along with the TET examination, is a step aimed at reducing the marks burden among candidates. However, concerns about the timing and practicality of the decision need to be addressed. As the state embraces the NEP, it is crucial to strike a balance between rigorous evaluation and not overburdening aspiring teachers. Ultimately, the goal should be to foster a robust education system that empowers students and prepares them for the challenges of the future.

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