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Assam HSLC Exam 2024: SEBA to introduce 50% OMR-Based Questions; Get complete details

The Assam HSLC Exam 2024 will be conducted on February 2024. SEBA will give 50% weightage to objective type questions and other 50% will be subjective.

The Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA) has recently made a significant announcement regarding the Assam HSLC Exam 2024. There are a few changes in the examination pattern and these will be implemented in the upcoming final examinations scheduled for February 2024. According to a notice issued by SEBA, there will be the introduction of both objective-based and subjective-based questions that will hold the same percentage of marks i.e. 50% marks each.

It will be implemented in the core subjects which include English (C1), General Mathematics (C2), General Science (C3), and Social Science (C4). This was announced through an official notice, which was released on the 12th of September, 2023.

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All about the new changes in Assam HSLC Exam 2024

Earlier, the state education minister Ranoj Pegu had also informed about the introduction of Objective-Based Questions in Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) sheets in HSLC examinations. Though many announcements of the education minister often get distorted later this time, the official notice replicated his announcement. The important announcements in the official notice released by the SEBA are given below:

  • There will be two types of questions in the Assam HSLC Exam 2024, that is objective and subjective-based questions.
  • The total marks of the examination will be the same as earlier i.e. 100 marks.
  • 50% of marks will be allotted for objective and the other 50% marks will be allotted to subjective type questions.
  • There will be two answer scripts i.e. a single OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) for answering objective-based questions and a usual sheet to answer all the subjective-based questions.
  • All the OMRs will have the candidate’s name and they have to answer the objective-type questions in it. Each question will carry one mark. This sheet will replace the traditional method of writing answers for these questions directly in the exam booklet.
  • Apart from the OMR sheet, there will be similar separate answer scripts for subjective-based questions, consisting of 16 pages, as has been the practice in the past.
  • The timing may remain the same, though no clear information is notified.

Eligibility criteria in Assam HSLC Exam 2024

In addition to the changes in exam format, SEBA has also outlined specific eligibility criteria for students appearing in the upcoming HSLC exams.

  • The freshly appearing students in the Assam HSLC Exam 2024 must have previously appeared for the Half Yearly examinations and Unit Tests 1 and 2, as well as the Pre-Board exams.
  • Those students who have not passed the HSLC exams in the last academic year 2022-23, and will be taking exams in 2024 will also have to be eligible in a certain manner. They will also be required to attend all the classes. They have to appear in the half-yearly exam, Unit Test 2 and pre-board examination. However, appearing in Unit Test 1 is not mandatory for these students.

When will the Assam HSLC Exam 2024 occur?

For the ongoing academic year, SEBA will conduct the final examinations from the month of February 2024. The official notification & timetable of the Assam HSLC Exam 2024 is expected to be out by November or December of 2023.

Why is OMR introduced in Assam HSLC Exam 2024?

This significant change in the examination format aims to introduce a more standardized and objective assessment process for students appearing in the HSLC exams. The introduction of OMR sheets for objective-type questions will require students to familiarize themselves with this format to perform well in the upcoming exams. Along with this, the changes might be helpful to combat cheating cases which had created lot of problems in the last final examinations of both class 10 and class 12. The new step will help to curb these problems but still the students and educators will need to adapt to these changes to ensure a smooth and successful examination process.

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