AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper Leaked: Education Minister denies the allegations, says it is fake & baseless

AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper Leaking news has been circulated all over social media. The viral images show almost 100% similarity with the original one.

AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper Leaked: Amidst the chanting of the Assam government to provide better education for the students studying in the state, another new story of question paper leakage is circulating all over social media. The Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) is currently conducting the HS final year examinations, which started on February 20, 2023. On 28th February, the board held the examination for Chemistry. And soon after its completion, the news of the paper being leaked went viral.

Many social media users and a few news portals published the images of the class 12 Chemistry leaked question paper and these viral images completely match the original question paper, which was provided in the examination yesterday. However, the allegations have been completely falsified by the authorities. Today, the Education Minister of the state, Ranoj Pegu has also reacted to the news and informed that it is just a rumour.

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AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper Leaked: Repetition of the same story!

The same story has been in the loop, as in earlier years, when question papers are being circulated all over the state. In fact, the whole country is facing the same, and the news of Question Paper leaks from different parts of the country is now a weekly affair. The same story of anomalies was also prominent during Grade III and Grade IV examinations.

The screenshots & leaked photos of the AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper had shown the exact questions with answers – which went viral a day before the exam. Students completed the exams at 04:30 PM yesterday and reportedly some of them found the ‘leaked’ screenshots a day earlier.

Pankaj Borthakur, Controller of Examinations of AHSEC said, “We are not aware of any such leak of answers. I want to reconfirm that the exam was held in complete adherence to rules and was successfully conducted all over.”

Education Minister’s reaction

Assam Education Minister Ranoj Pegu has debunked reports regarding AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Paper Leak. He stated that the leakage story regarding the question paper in the Assam HS Exams 2023 was false and baseless. The Minister stated that soon after the news of the chemistry paper leak surfaced, he himself investigated the claims and found out that such reports and rumors were completely false. 

“The news of the Chemistry question paper leak in the current HS examination is completely fake and baseless. I have personally checked the matter. We are taking utmost care and maintaining vigilance. Please don’t heed fake news and rumors,” Ranoj Pegu tweeted from his official Twitter account.

In his tweet, Ranoj Pegu attached a notification from AHSEC released on the 28th of February, which clarifies that the story of the AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper leak is rumors and that students should not pay any heed to such baseless reports.

AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper: Proper Clarification required!

Such stories not only hit the morale of the students but make them doubtful and encourage them to indulge in unfair practices. And so, the concerned authorities should thoroughly look into it and investigate the matter. Once done, they should present a proper clarification and strict actions should be taken, if there is any truth behind the viral news of the AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper Leak. The examination will end on 20th March 2023, and till that students hope no such AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper Leak story repeats.

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