Assam Government Scholarship for PG students: CM Sarma announces 3-D future plan for the state of Assam

Chief Minister of Assam announces Assam Government Scholarship for PG students. This will target all the girl child who is pursuing post-graduate courses.

Assam Government Scholarship for PG students: The Chief Minister of Assam, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, yesterday, announces scholarships for girl students who are pursuing post-graduation (PG) in the state of Assam. The decision has been informed by the CM during the scooter distribution event under the Pragyan Bharati Scheme 2022, in Khanapara, Guwahati.

According to the CM, the girl child needs to be financially independent and for that, they must not be a burden to their family. This Assam Government Scholarship for PG students will target all the girl children who have completed their Bachelor’s degree. “As, earlier, we have started the scheme to disburse money to all needy and poor people, now we have decided that all girl children, pursuing the post-graduation will get a sum of 1000 rupees.”

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Assam Government Scholarship for PG students: More about the announcement

On the occasion of the distribution of scooters to all meritorious students, the CM of Assam announced that each and every girl student, who is pursuing post-graduation will get an amount of thousand rupees. The amount will be distributed for a period of 10 months each year. The two months, which will comprise holidays, will not be included.

The Assam Government Scholarships for PG students scheme will start after overall planning that will be done by the cabinet. The web portal regarding the scholarship will be developed in the upcoming days, where all eligible students can apply for the scheme.

CM Sarma went on to say that students must pay for transportation to and from the university as well as tea or coffee, and that “the state government has taken this decision to give relief to their parents.” “The scheme will be for everyone who is pursuing any type of post-graduation which include a Master of Arts (MA), Masters of Science (M.Sc), Master of Technology (M.Tech), etc.” he further added.

During the disbursement ceremony in the Khanapara field, Guwahati, CM Sarma said that various awards are gifts and blessings from the society to dedicate their hard work. He further said that this Assam Government Scholarship for PG students scholarship will not only be limited to the female section but will cover all students in the coming days.

3-D planning for the state

Sarma at the end said that there will be a 3-D mantra for the development of the state which is Digitization, which will enhance the digital environment in the state. Then there will be De-Centralisation, which will help to work efficiently in all parts of the country. And lastly, he said about De-Carbonisation, which will aim to reduce carbon-based pollution in the state.

Under De-Carbonization, CM Sarma said that there will be a change in the Dr. Banikanta Kakati Merit Award under the Pragyan Bharati scheme. There will be the introduction of e-Scooters instead of petrol-fuel-based vehicles. This will help to reduce air pollution within the state of Assam.

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