Assam Government abolishes 8000 teachers’ post from the state; know what Education minister Ranoj Pegu said

Contractual teachers benefitted as Assam Government abolishes 8000 teachers' posts from the state. The opposition blames the mismanagement of the education department.

The Government of Assam has finally led to a closure on a debatable decision taken by the previous cabinet under Sarbananda Sonowal on freezing the 8000 teachers’ posts under the regular post. As Assam Government abolishes 8000 teachers’ posts, the contractual teachers will be getting the full benefit from this decision. This closure, which seems to be a way to maintain the financial neutrality for the Education Department of the state has become a serious issue for the opposition to raise issues regarding the promises given by the present state government regarding fulfilling the decision to provide 1 lakh jobs to the citizen of the state.

This decision was declared through a press conference by the Education minister of Assam, Ranoj Pegu on the 9th of November, 2022. The current decision to abolish 8000 posts will give financial benefits to these contractual teachers who will be getting a full-time salary as per the norms and they will retire after 60 years.

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Assam Government abolishes 8000 teachers’ posts: Ranoj Pegu gives full information

The 11206 posts were released to the contractual teachers in Lower Primary and Upper Primary (LP/ UP) under Sarba Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) in 2017. The education minister said the given points in his press conference, which he later tweeted through his official account as well.

“Govt of Assam had decided in 2020 to offer a regular pay scale, along with all other benefits, including service up to 60 years, to 11206 LP/ UP teachers working under SSA. In order to maintain rationality against this near-regularisation, the Govt. decided to keep 8000 sanctioned posts of regular teachers vacant to avoid duplicity and financial neutrality. Now, as these vacant posts are kept frozen and shall be vacant for a long period till the retirement of the contractual teachers, Govt. has considered it prudent to abolish them for financial discipline. Govt. may create posts as and when required owing to an increase in enrolment in the future.”

Basically, to maintain full-time salaries for teachers, this abolishment of posts has been carried out by the government.

Opposition in fury as Assam Government abolishes 8000 teachers’ posts

The opposition has fully been critical of the issue as the Assam government abolishes 8000 teachers’ posts which will mean the youths will not get jobs. Out of these 8000 posts, more than 4000 posts were for the LP schools whereas more than 3500 posts were for UP schools. This situation has also given light to another serious question is the government facing an economic crisis as it is abolishing the actual regular posts which were available for the citizens of Assam? The reasons shown by the Education Minister though clarify the decision but cannot actually justify why the regular posts were to be withdrawn!

Assam Trinamool Congress president, Rajya Sabha MP Ripun Borah, criticized the Chief Minister of Assam, as he said that he had held that post for that long time and was responsible for every jeopardy going on within this system. He further says that the dropout rate of students, at Higher Secondary level is far higher than the Central level itself. So these cancellations of posts might affect the future of students in the upcoming future.

Ratul Chandra Goswami, the general secretary of the Assam State Primary Teachers’ Association (ASPTA) clearly indicated the intention of this decision to fulfill the aim to privatize the education system of the state. He said by giving space to such contractual teachers and reducing the government’s post, the vice-versa scenario has been shown by the government.

Pegu focuses on its importance

Ranoj Pegu had shown full positivity regarding the decision, where Assam Government abolishes 8000 teachers’ posts. He stressed that the student-to-teacher ratio is 22:1 in Assam which is considered a very healthy state as compared to other states of India. He says that there are also 4000 posts that need to be allotted and will be done accordingly. As many teachers are posted in remote areas if this scenario is maintained the equilibrium of teachers will maintain.

In his press meeting, he also said that the dropout rates are increasing. The dropout rates are due to the mismanagement of data provided by the schools. Once some strong steps are been taken, these lapses will be maintained.

Will schools be shut down?

Various reports have given a clear picture of what the state may get as a consequence of this decision by the state government. Nearly 1000 schools might not get the availability of teachers or will shut down in near future. The decision to fulfilling 1 Lakh jobs will also be in limping mode as financial stability has become an issue for the government to handle.

On the other hand, Arvind Kejriwal, CM of Delhi, and his counterpart Himanta Biswa Sarma from Assam were recently seen to have a conflict via Twitter regarding the education model of both states. Now, it will be interesting to see how this decision, where Assam Government abolishes 8000 teachers’ posts shapes their further conversation, along with the actions of the concerned Governments.

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