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Holiday List 2023: Check out the official holiday list released by the Government of Assam

Here is the official Holiday List from the Government of Assam for the year 2023.

Just like every year, the General Administration Department (GAD), under the Government of Assam has released the official Holiday list for the ongoing year 2023. As stated in the Holiday List 2023, all government institutions will remain closed including offices, and all Revenue and Magisterial Courts on the prescribed holidays. The list also declared that all Second Saturdays and Fourth Saturdays will be observed as holidays.

The notice clearly states that the Holiday List will not be automatically applied to Educational Institutions, and Medical/ Engineering Colleges unless they adopt the list. It further mentions that it is desirable that the number of holidays may be decreased for Educational Institutions, Medical/ Engineering Colleges, etc. and they will adopt academic calendars decreasing the number of holidays.

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Holiday List 2023

January 15 and 16, 2023Sunday, MondayMagh Bihu, Tusu Puja
January 23, 2023MondayNetaji’s Birthday
January 24, 2023TuesdayGwthar Bathou Puja
January 26, 2023ThursdayRepublic Day
January 31, 2023TuesdayMe-Dam-Me-Phi
February 5, 2023SundayBir Chilarai Divas
March 7, 2023TuesdayDol Yatra
March 8, 2023WednesdayHoli
April 7, 2023FridayGood Friday
April 14, 15, and 16, 2023Friday, Saturday & SundayBohag Bihu
April 20, 2023ThursdayTithi of Damodar Deva
April 21, 2023FridaySati Sadhani Divas
April 22, 2023SaturdayEid-Ul-Fitr
May 1, 2023MondayMay Day
May 5, 2023FridayBuddha Purnima
June 5, 2023MondayJanmotsav of Sri Sri Madhabdeva
June 29, 2023ThursdayEid-Ul-Zuha
August 15, 2023TuesdayIndependence Day
August 18, 2023 16th September, 2023SaturdayTithi of Srimanta Sankardeva
August 27, 2023 25th September, 2023MondayKaram Puja
September 4, 2023MondayTithi of Sri Sri Madhabdeva
September 6, 2023WednesdayJanmashtami
September 25, 2023 24th September, 2023SundayJanmostsav of Srimanta Sankardeva
October 2, 2023MondayBirthday of Mahatma Gandhi
October 18, 2023WednesdayKati Bihu
October 21, 22, 23, and 24, 2023Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and TuesdayDurga Puja & Bijoya Dashomi
November 12, 2023SundayKali Puja & Diwali
November 15, 2023WednesdayBhatri Dwitiya
November 19, 2023SundayChhat Puja
November 24, 2023FridayLachit Divas
November 27, 2023MondayGuru Nanak’s Birthday
December 2, 2023SaturdayAsom Divas (Su-Ka-Pha Divas)
December 25, 2023MondayChristmas

Half Holidays from 1 pm onwards

July 29, 2023SaturdayMuharram
October 28, 2023SaturdayLakshmi Puja


Here are a few other points mentioned in the notification for Holiday List 2023:

  • There will be no Public Transactions in the Nationalized Banks on the 1st of April, 2023 as it is the day for the Annual Closing of Bank Accounts.
  • If any of the Holidays or Restricted Holidays for the festivals notified above does not fall on the day notified, necessary modification changing the date will be issued in due course.
  • Along with mentioned holidays, each employee may be allowed to avail of 2 more holidays from the Restricted Holiday List.
  • Also, the General Administration Department (GAD) is allowed to declare 2 (two) additional holidays with the approval of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Assam.

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